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Barix Annuncicom 60

IP Paging and Intercom device with mic/speaker connection and balanced audio output, PoE powered.



The Annuncicom 60 is a generic IP Audio device designed to serve as a gateway between IP based VoIP, Paging, Intercom systems and traditional systems or call boxes, loudspeakers and microphones.

Based on reliable, embedded, low power, solid state technology, the devices are ideally suited for 24/7 operations, do not need cooling or maintenance, and are not prone to usual issues caused by computer operating systems.

The Annuncicom 60 can be operated with standard IP Audio firmware or a SIP application firmware from Barix. Custom applications can be loaded as well. The Annuncicom 60 allows direct connection of a typical ceiling speaker, an amplifier (balanced interface), microphone or line input and a dry contact. A serial port allows control of RS-232 devices, locally or via the network.


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Generic VoIP Intercom and Paging Device with speaker amplifier
Classroom VoIP device with built-in amplifier, talkback, serial port
Microphone Encoder for IP Audio Surveillance
Help Point/SOS call box device
Door Intercom Controller, VoIP based
Generic, bidirectional full-duplex VoIP module for Paging and Intercom applications
SIP and IP Paging Zone Device


Dokumentation PDF Barix Annuncicom 60 Datasheet (403.9 kB)

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