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Multi-Tech SocketWireless Bluetooth


Embedded Serial-to-Bluetooth Device Server



The SocketWireless® Bluetooth® device server utilizes Bluetooth technology to provide a secure, standards-based wireless connection between a host and peripheral device. Providing wireless data transfer up to 100 meters, it completely eliminates the need for serial cable connections.
This ready-to-integrate, embedded, wireless communications device is designed around Multi-Tech’s space-efficient, universal socket architecture.


The SocketWireless Bluetooth device server is targeted at applications that need a serial connection without running cable. It is ideal for:

Instant Serial Cable Replacement

Running serial cabling can be expensive and sometimes problematic especially if it is in an outdoor environment. With the SocketWireless Bluetooth device server, you can eliminate the cable and connect your peripheral devices effortlessly with a Bluetooth wireless network. In a point-to-point connection, one device server is embedded in a host device, such as a PC; the other is attached to a serial peripheral device such as a bar-code scanner, receipt printer or scale. Now you can use the wireless network to transfer information between the host and the device for up to 100 meters.

Wireless Host Connection

The SocketWireless Bluetooth device server can also connect to any other Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a PDA or WAN radio increasing user mobility in mission-critical applications such as emergency vehicles, delivery trucks, medical monitoring, and point-of-sale environments. It is operating system independent and can be seamlessly embedded in any peripheral device. No application software is needed.

Secure, Robust Communication

The SocketWireless Bluetooth device server complies with the Bluetooth specifications for security and includes 56-bit encryption and 10 alphanumeric Personal Identification Number (PIN) authentication. It utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology. In addition, it uses error correction schemes for guaranteed packet delivery.

SocketWireless Bluetooth Pin-out

The SocketWireless Bluetooth device server interfaces easily with existing devices through a standard serial interface. The serial DTE channel is capable of transfer speeds up to 921.6 K bps and can be interfaced directly to a UART or microcontroller.


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MTS2BTSMI Serial-to-Bluetooth, C1 V2.0 5V
MTS2BTSMI-L Serial-to-Bluetooth, C1 V2.0 3.3V


Dokumentation PDF Multi-Tech SocketWireless Bluetooth Datasheet (1049.1 kB)

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